Wild birds of the Rocky Mountain region

Greater Sage-grouse, lek
kearney, platte river, sandhill crane
climate change, mount evans
columbian sharp-tailed grouse, lek
bald eagle, north fork of the shoshone river
bosque del apache, sandhill cranes
sandhill cranes, Bosque
comanche national grassland, great horned owl, nest
greater sage grouse,  American west
game bird, lewis and clark
gunnison sage grouse, endangered
greater sage grouse, endangered species act
Greater sage grouse, Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming, lek
burrowing owl, prairie dog burrow
magpie, corvid
ptarmigan, climate change
sage thasher, songbird
Killpecker Sand Dunes, burrowing owl
spotted towhee, sparrow
great gray owl, jackson hole