Wild birds of the American West, each with a rhythm and story of their own. The Sage Spirit story is developed around Greater Sage-grouse, and the idea that 350 other species, including sagebrush obligate songbirds need healthy expanses of sage to survive. Birds tell us how we're doing with habitat conservation, thriving in functioning ecosystems with intact habitat. Conversely, where functioning habitat is disrupted by backhoe and plow, we are losing birds in big numbers - both species of Sage-grouse are in steep decline. Will we have the courage to take a landscape view of the west and return to science-guided land management? Is it possible to see ourselves through the needs of birds?

Blue Hour Screech
Lek Flight
Sandhill Blur
Tundra Ptarmigan
Sharptail Glow
Bald Eagle In Snowstorm
Cranes Wading
Extra Effort - Greater Sage grouse
Sharptail Portrait
Greater Sage-grouse Spring Snow
Gunnison Sage-grouse male display
Greater Sage Grouse Strut
Burrowing Owl Stretch
Ptarmigan and Willow Bud
Magpie Portrait
Burrowing Owl in Brush
Dusk Hunter
Great Gray Twilight
Towhee Song
Sage Thrasher Eggs
Magpie Nest Arrival
Sandhill Roost Flight
Broken Cottonwood Home
Greater Prairie ChickenFighting Males
Drop In
Canyon Owl Fledgling
Sagebrush Sparrow in Sage
Mountain Bluebird Male Feeding
Red-winged Blackbird In Song
Winter Eagle