Living River - Promise Of The Mighty Colorado

I am a drop of cold, clear water, melting, falling from snowfields on the roof of the Rocky Mountains. Tumbling, I become a rivulet, swept forward by a stream, slowed by mountain meadow, racing in swift current, absorbing tributary arteries, my vital strength building. I am azure as the bluebird; I am cutthroat trout, condor, beaver, and sandhill crane. My soul is life carried downstream in current; all life, however connected to my force. I can be fury or impounded stillness, my intention unwavering. In six million years, I have carved the greatest, deepest canyon through stone, creating one of earth’s most magnificent monuments. I am life-giving, but not infinite. I am the Colorado River. Listen to my story.

Living River is a multi-year conservation story, book and scalable campaign in collaboration with Braided River, Walton Family Foundation, Audubon Rockies, LightHawk, The Nature Conservancy New Mexico, and more conservation partners.

With publisher Braided River and our conservation partners, we are building a multi-year, scalable Living River campaign. In addition to a coffee table-style conservation book, we are planning a traveling photo exhibit, nationwide presentations, educational conservation programs, social and earned media, and a dynamic website. We'll continue to develop our ESRI Story map as the Colorado River story unfolds. We believe an in-depth study of the remarkable wild heart of the Colorado, our relationship to water in the west, and a values-based vision for long-term resilience in the imperiled Colorado River watershed is the right story for this moment.

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