Conservation: Living River Launch

It's been a whirlwind since launching Living River at the Denver Museum of Natural History IMAX theatre on 4/20/23. So far, we've toured Arizona for three weeks in May - NANPA, the Law Of The River Conference, U of A with & the historic Bisbee library... most recently the Boulder Book Store. There's a lot of river love out in the world and I'm happy to meet so many wonderful people with their own stories of, and personal connections to western rivers. Here's a short interview on KGUN Tucson, and a podcast episode with Rewildology. As we take this story around the west, it's gratifying to feel that our hopeful story of the Colorado is resonating with folks - and we aim to keep building on the Living River story. Books are available at Braided River , on this site , Amazon , and Indy book stores around the west. Feel free to send me a note directly if you're interested in planning a presentation for your event, assignment work, or collaborating on a river story.

"Moving from the headwaters in Wyoming through the mountains of Colorado and the canyonlands of Utah and Ari- zona to the now-dry delta on the Gulf of Mexico, he highlights seven distinct ecosystems and the dedicated people working to conserve them, discussing the regions’ intrinsic and economic value, the challenges they face, and potential solutions. Show- alter combines lyrical descriptions (“This meadow is a place to daydream, to whisper to the cow moose munching willow, to have a chat with chattering magpies...”), personal experiences, and the stories of key experts—some in their own words—to vividly portray the beauty and diversity of the lands along the river’s 1,450-mile journey."

~ Excerpt from a Kirkus "starred review"

photo at IMAX Denver by Ryan Jones