Nearly half of my home state of Colorado is grassland, shortgrass prairie, the western edge where the Great Plains collide with the Rocky Mountains. It's a tapestry quilt of public and private land that's been largely converted to agriculture and other uses. Yet, the wild in the prairie hangs on. 

burrowing owl, prairie dog burrow
front range, big bluestem
mule deer, winter, south boulder creek
black-tailed prairie dog, burrow
wildflowers, flatirons
mule deer, buck
northern flicker, Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR
autumn grass, bison
dustbowl, homestead, Yuma County, CO
autumn, foothills
comanche national grassland, great horned owl, nest
shortgrass prairie, prairie sunflower
blue grama grass, shortgrass prairie
blue grama, seed
big bluestem, fog
flatirons, boulder
bison bull, Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR
mule deer buck, Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
western rattlesnake, Plains Conservation Center
lichen, red rocks