American West: Sage Spirit

In partnership with Braided River, we are creating a multi-media campaign that showcases the imperiled sagebrush ecosystem. From planning to completion, “Sage Spirit” is intended to aid conservation efforts and brand the Sagebrush Sea of the American West as an ecosystem of concern and worth conserving as an American treasure. This effort is meant to capture our connection to wild places that sustain and connect communities and wildlife.  The beauty and ecological diversity of this iconic landscape as well as the threats across the ecosystem will be well illustrated and documented through multi-media outreach and education efforts to a global community.  Audubon Rockies, The Wilderness Society, and Sierra Club Wyoming Chapter are the lead conservation partners supporting a wide distribution, with Sage Spirit  as the foundation for a multi-year project, branding their conservation campaigns in the West. Sage Spirit - The American West At A Crossroads is available now on this website (Books link on top bar), at Braided River, Independent book sellers, and retail outlets.