New Year's Day

Fraser River Headwaters, Colorado

Marla and I had an annual New Year's tradition and celebration of rising around 3:00 am on New Years Day - we would then pack up and drive over Berthoud Pass, strap on snowshoes and headlamps, then hike up above timberline in darkness (and damn cold). From this stunningly beautiful and sacred spot, we waited for the sun to crest the Continental Divide where we spread our arms wide and welcomed the New Year. After some hugging and I love you's, we'd hike further in search of white-tailed ptarmigan, the most enjoyable of outings.

This image was made on 1/1/21, halfway through Marla's cancer journey and at a time when she had returned to good health and form, a powerhouse rolling over mountainous terrain.

Marla taught me how to live and love fully, she was my light for more than half my life and gift to all who knew her and felt her love. Words can't describe the magnitude of her loss.

May your wild spirit be free, my love.
Photo © copyright by Dave Showalter.