Nearly half of my home state of Colorado is grassland, shortgrass prairie, the western edge where the Great Plains collide with the Rocky Mountains. It's a tapestry quilt of public and private land that's been largely converted to agriculture and other uses. Yet, the wild in the prairie hangs on. 

Burrowing Owl Stretch
Autumn Sunrise
Mule Deer Snow Scene
Black-tailed Prairie Dog Browsing
Flatirons Wildflowers
Frosty Mule Deer Buck
Flicker Feather and Cottonwood Leaves
Bison Pair In Autumn
Yuma County Homestead
Autumn Hillside
Canyon Owl Fledgling
Prairie Sunflower
Blue Grama Tapestry
Blue Grama Seed Heads
Autumn Big Bluestem Grasses and Fog
Flatirons Summer Sunrise
Winter Bison Bull
Mule Deer Buck in Rut
Coiled Western Rattlsnake
Red Rock and Water Course
Greater Prairie Chicken Male on Lek
Red Fox Portrait
Cottonwood Eagle Perch
Bison Return!
Prairie Fire
Praire Sunrise and Flatirons
Hognose Snake Closeup
Frosty Lake Ladora
White-tailed Buck Prairiescape
Meadowlark Song
Bohart Sunrise
Summer Sky Over Chalk Bluffs
Mule Deer Doe in Sunflowers
Ladora Winter Sunrise
Frosty Northern Harrier
Cottonwoods and Fog
Bison Calf Nursing