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Sage Spirit book

In the American West, there are still places where pronghorn antelope migrate hundreds of miles as they have for untold generations, back to the time of the Pleistocene. Hundreds of different varieties of bird life fill a vast sky, then land to nest and feed on a land rich with grains, berries, and insects. Away from city lights and roads, the luminous stars and galaxies of the Milky Way wink through air made sweet and pungent by millions of acres of sage.

Although the spirit of the American West remains an ideal to our national heritage, and many places remain wild and free, for the first time in our country’s short history, development has left many lands and waterways fragmented and scarred by roads, mines, diverted water, and urban development; choked by invasive species; or compromised by overuse—with land, water, and air polluted for short-term gains.

Sage Spirit is a book, event, and media campaign that presents a new vision for the American West. In this new West, the sage-grouse, and every other person, plant and animal that makes its home in sagebrush country, will thrive.

176 pages by Braided River Publishing in partnership with Audubon Rockies, The Wilderness Scoiety, and The Sierra Club of Wyoming.